The Wide Wave

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What You'll Need:

IN 115x143 Tool curlingiron (1) IN 115x143 Tool makeupbrush


STEP 1: Get started with a healthy base
Get a full weightless volume with Pantene Nature Care Fullness & Life Shampoo and Conditioner. Then blow your hair dry.
STEP 2: Curl hair for texture
Use a large-barreled curling iron to create texture and break up the hair by pulling a wide-tooth comb through it.
STEP 3: Keep the curls undone
Unlock the curls before applying Pantene Nature Care Fullness & Life Natural Shine Booster Essence for a long-lasting gleam.
STEP 4: Preserve hairstyle
Don’t let the wind break your style! Apply finishing hairspray on a makeup brush and apply it lightly over your hair.
STEP 5: The results!
Release the curls and let your hair wave its healthy shiny perfection to the world!