No Heat Waves With Regina Belmonte

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What You'll Need:

IN 115x143 Tool comb IN 115x143 Tool elasticPH Tools 08 SHAMPOO


Shampoo and condition at night
To achieve maximum volume it's important to shampoo and condition at night. This ensures that when you wake up your hair is bigger and bouncier.
Use a lightweight, nourishing conditioner
To get the bombshell power or volume, you need to make sure your conditioner isn't so heavy that it weighs your hair down. Pantene Aquapure Daily Intensive Conditioner is perfect as it helps repair damage, nourishes the hair and is lightweight enough to retain volume.
Brush and Blowdry Technique
Want lift? It's all about how you brush your hair when you dry it with the blow dryer. The key is to toss your head over, and then run the brush over your head as your blow-dry.
Put hair in a high bun overnight
The trick to waking up with natural waves is to sleep with your slighlty damp hair in a high bun. In the morning, remobve your hair tie and let your hair unravel into natural, sexy waves. No curler needed!
Part ways with your part
If you really want bombshell volume, sometimes it's all about changing your partition. Switch it up! It's simply a matter of flipping your hair over for high volume hair!