The Tufty Bob

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What You'll Need:

PH 115x143 Tools 05 BlowDryer IN 115x143 Tool roundbrush IN 115x143 Tool curlingiron


STEP 1: Start with a healthy base
It’s all about frizz-free movement so start by using Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo and Total Damage Care 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner.
STEP 2: Blow it dry
Thoroughly blow-dry hair with a round brush until it’s bouncy enough to pull off a bob.
STEP 3: B for Bounce
Add swing and bounce to your bob by using a large barreled iron as this will create definition throughout your hair.
STEP 4: Bob achieved!
Unravel your Avant-garde side by matching your Tufty Bob with on-trend menswear.