Why You Absolutely Need To Condition Your Hair

Do I need to use conditioner every time I shampoo my hair?

Thinking of going for unicorn hair like your fave Instagrammer? You'll need your hair to be at its 100% to pull off an exciting lookand this is where using conditioner comes in. When you make a habit of using conditioner, your hair becomes soft, shiny, and healthy. It becomes the perfect base for any look that you want to try, so go ahead and round up all those hair pegs you have from Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube!

Once you have your dream makeover, keep up the habit of using conditioner so your hair can stay in its peak condition. Even if you're not doing major makeovers anytime soon, you still need hair conditioner for sure. Conditioner protects your haireach one of the tens of thousands of hair strands you haveagainst all the pesky things you encounter every day. We're talking smoke, dust, and pollution, just to name a few.

How hair conditioner works

You may be wondering how using hair conditioner can do so much for your crowning glory. This is how it works: every time you condition your hair, conditioning agents smoothen the hair cuticle, which takes care of those pesky irritants and prevents heat damage. This way, you protect your hair from breakage and tangling. Win-win, right?

For best results, read the instructions of your hair conditioner carefully. Some are supposed to be rinsed while others are the leave-on kind. Bonus tip: after taking a bath, make sure to dry off your hair before brushing it to keep your hair healthy.

Choosing the right conditioner

Different girls have different conditioner needs, which is why the Pantene Pro-Vitamin Series offers options for you. First up is the Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Conditioner, which has 10 times damage protection and leaves hair healthier and shinier. Now for damage repair deep within the core, use the Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. It smoothens three months of damage in three minutes and even reduces protein loss to protect your hair from further damage.

For an extra boost, go for thePantene Pro-V Leave On Treatment Hair Strength Tonic, which is a no-rinse treatment that gives your hair added protection.

Treat your hair right and you'll have healthy, soft, shiny hair perfect for any look you're going for.