How Often Should I Wash My Hair? Is Every Day Okay?

Is it bad to wash my hair frequently?

Fact or Fiction?

There is that old bit of advice that you shouldnt wash your hair every day, but how often should I wash my hair? And is it bad to wash my hair more than once a day?

Verdict: Fiction

One of the most frequently asked questions about shampooing is: Should I wash my hair every day? It is generally not bad to wash your hair daily, as the frequency really depends on various factors that include your lifestyle, hair type, hairstyle, and the treatment or overall state of your strands. This means that there is no single answer, and how often to wash varies with each person.

And with our countrys hot and humid climate, it is a must to bathe or shower every day. Your hair produces sebum, and as the day goes on, dirt, sweat, or styling products get trapped in your hair. Shampoo traps the dirt, and then when you rinse it out of your hair, it leaves the strands and scalp fresh and clean.

So, how often should I wash my hair? And how should I wash my hair properly? Heres an easy guide, according to hair type and lifestyle

If you go to the gym often: After a heavy cardio workout or yoga session, your scalp is usually drenched in sweat, and this attracts dirt when you step out of the gym, leaving your hair a tangled, stringy mess. Because of this, shampoo your hair in the gym locker room post-workout or immediately, when you get home. Finish off with conditioner so as not to dry your hair out.

If you have chemically treated or dyed hair: How to wash hair properly if its straightened, permed, or color treated? Its okay to wash your hair daily, just as long as you use a product that will make your treatment or dye last longer. Use the Pantene Color & Perm Shampoo and Conditioner repair any damage from the chemical treatments.

If you have dry hair: Washing dry hair too frequently can dry out your strands more and irritate your scalp, so how should you wash your hair? Wash your hair once a day, or as needed. Use Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Shampoo to repair visible signs of hair damage, while keeping your hair soft and smooth.

If you have an oily scalp: How should I wash my hair? It is better to wash oily hair more often. After shampooing, condition the middle of your strands or the ends, so as not to weigh it down. Try the Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo with its light formulation to gently clean your hair and scalp while nourishing it.

If you have brittle strands or falling hair: To protect your hair strands from further falling or breaking, use a shampoo and conditioner from Pantene Hair Fall Control Range. After washing, partially dry your hair with a towel, and detangle your strands carefully with a wide-toothed comb.

An interesting fact: the texture of your hair affects the way sebum from your scalp ends up in your strands. Fine Asian hair and thick hair that is curly tend to get oily more easily, so if you have one of these hair types, it is better to wash your hair often, even daily.

Because of this, setting a shampoo schedule according to your hair type will definitely work, too. And combining this schedule with the right products can actually improve the overall quality of your hair.