Shampoo 101: Find Your Hair's True Love

Can stress make your hair fall out?

Who knew shampoo could be a lot like love? You look around, try something you like, and it works out at first. Then you notice some compatibility issues. The relationship doesnt seem to match your lifestyle and youre itching for a change. Is it their oily demeanor? Their dry personality? Maybe just not your type. After several tries, you decide its time to give up. You keep searching, hoping somewhere out there is The One that meets your needs.

So how do you choose which shampoo and matching conditioner is hiyang for your hair issues?


While it's natural to lose 50 to 80 strands per day, additional hair fall could be caused by brittle or damaged hair. Aside from factors both internal (stress, hormones, diet) and external (sun, smoke, pollution), you might need to rethink your shampoo. If youre prone to breakage, try a shampoo that repairs and strengthens hair from inside out to prevent hair fall, like Pantene Hair Fall Control shampoo. Add a layer of protection with Pantene Hair Fall Control 3-Minute Miracle conditioner. Using the same brand of shampoo and conditioner means you get the perfect team to achieve the best results for your hair.

Split up

Who doesnt love a good hair makeover? Do be careful though, as too much styling makes your hair prone to split endsa common sign of hair damage. Youll need to keep your hairs moisture level in check. Use Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care shampoo and Total Damage Care 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner to protect hair cuticles against day-to-day stress.

Too Wild

We've got two kinds of days: sunny and humid, or rainy and humid. Either way spells a whole lot of frizz. The thicker your hair is, the frizzer it gets. Tame your tresses with Pantene Silky Smooth Care shampoo followed by Pantene Silky Smooth Care 3-Minute Miracle conditioner. Your hair will need all the nourishment and shine you can give.

Curl up and dry

Theres a lot to love about natural curls: your hair looks styled every day and it saves prep time. The downside? Curly hair is more prone to dryness and damage. Be gentle on your curls with Pantene Nature Care Fullness & Life shampoo. Minimize breakage by softly massaging your scalp, lather, then rinse thoroughly. Bounce, baby, bounce!

Toxic build up

Your scalp gets dirty and greasy more easily than the rest of your skin. When there's too much build-up, your hair needs a clarifying shampoo to keep hair from becoming weighed down and limp. If you often sweat, go outdoors, or use hair prods, detox with Pantene Aqua Pure shampoo. It washes away excess build-up and gives your hair more life. Finish up with Pantene Aqua Pure Daily Intensive conditioner for best results.


Want a K-drama look with an S-curl perm? Go for it! Just keep in mind that chemically-treated hair needs more TLC. Replenish the protective layer that gets stripped off in the process with Pantene Color & Perm shampoo follow it up with Pantene Color & Perm 3-Minute Miracle conditioner for nourishment and protection. Whichever your hair type, whatever your hair needs, theres a perfect pair of Pantene shampoo and conditioner that can take care of it. Find your match and begin a beautiful story now!