Easy & Affordable Ways to Get Thicker And Stronger Hair

If you’ve noticed changes in your hair part — especially with your scalp looking more visible than usual, you might be experiencing a common phenomenon known as hair thinning. Hair loss is more often linked to male pattern baldness, but the reality is, at least a third of women will also experience hair thinning in their lifetime.

Recognizing the things that cause hair fall is the first step in dealing with this issue. There are multiple triggers of hair loss such as natural aging, genetics, illness, poor diet, medications, excessive use of hair products, or even frequent hairstyles that pull the hair too tight.
Don’t stress too much about it though! There are so many affordable tips and tricks that you can easily apply in your everyday life to help you get thicker and healthier looking hair.

Boost Your Nutrition

Nutritious diet for thicker hair

Hair thinning can actually be a sign that your body is not getting the adequate nutrition that it needs. A healthy diet containing healthy fats, proteins, and a load of vitamins can keep hair from thinning out. But the good thing about a diet is that it’s something you have control over!
Start with protein-rich food like salmon, beans, Greek yogurt, or eggs that are also good sources of biotin. Then add up on your fatty acids with walnuts and almonds, and indulge in some berries too, as they are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. If you’re looking for vitamins, consult a doctor first to assess your medical condition before purchasing any.
Make these vitamins and nutrients a staple to your daily diet for healthier hair!

Choose Silicone-free Shampoo

The hair care items you use in the shower is your first line of defense in having thicker hair.

Continuously using products that contain harsh ingredients such as silicones, parabens, and dye can cause dryness, which can then result in hair fall.

Pantene Micellar Detox and Moisture Shampoo
Pantene Micellar Detox and Purify Shampoo

The Pantene Micellar Series with Micellar Detox and Moisturize Shampoo locks in moisture and nutrients to the hair while Micellar Detox and Purify Shampoo deeply cleanses to remove dirt, impurities, and product build-up.

This range of shampoos has 0% silicones and is free of harsh ingredients like parabens and dyes that weigh the hair down and cause dry, brittle hair in the long run. It also contains a powerful Pro-V blend of Pro-Vitamin B5 and antioxidants that leave your strands stronger because of its protein-rich formula.

Both variants are gentle for daily use and suited for all hair types — even those with brittle and dry hair. It is recommended to use daily with Pantene Micellar Detox and Moisture Conditioner or with Pantene Micellar Detox and Purify Conditioner to restore hair’s natural, healthy look. To use, massage into wet hair, lather, and rinse.

Massage Your Scalp

Massage scalp for thicker hair

In case you haven’t realized yet, the scalp is part of the skin. If you’re obsessed with taking care of the other parts of your skin so they look and feel healthy, then don’t miss out on your scalp health too! After all, it has an effect to make hair thicker. When you have a healthy scalp condition, your hair growth becomes healthier.

A scalp massage is one trick to make hair thicker because it removes dead skin cells and product build-up that sit in your scalp. Get rid of what’s blocking your hair follicles from growing by gently massaging your scalp for at least 1-2 minutes every time you’re in the shower.

The simple habit of a scalp massage increases blood flow directly to the follicles to stimulate healthy hair growth and can increase volume at the roots instantly.

Protect Your Hair From Heat

Continued and extended exposure of hair to heat can be one of the reasons why your hair is falling out. Heat styling tools such as hairdryers, curling irons, and straighteners can leave your hair dry and more prone to breakage. Hair exposure to the heat of the sun can also weaken the cuticle and hair fiber.
This is why hair protection in the form of leave-in treatments is so important in fighting hair fall brought by heat damage.

Pantene Pro-V Miracles Vita-Fusion Energy Day Mist

Protect your hair from heat with the new Pantene Pro-V Miracles Vita-Fusion Energy Day Mist that transforms your dry and frizzy hair into cashmere-smooth tresses from root to tip. Applying this day mist does not only make the hair fuller with volume and body, but it can also help achieve stronger and thicker hair. Its Pro-Vitamin ingredients protect the hair against environmental damages such as heat styling, dehydration, and UV damage.
You can use this for dry or damp hair after towel dry, or as you prepare and style your hair in the morning.

Getting the right haircut

Get the right haircut for thicker hair

Getting smart and strategic with your haircut is one way to make your hair appear thicker and healthier. Here are some haircut suggestions to try out depending on how you feel:

  • The shoulder-length blunt cut is a chic and easy option to maintain because blunt lines make your hair appear fuller. Keep it at shoulder length or shorter, and do away with a lot of layers so that fullness is magnified.
  • If you’re more on the adventurous side, a choppy pixie cut would suit you well. Pixie cuts can make your hair appear thicker and with the addition of choppy layers, it’ll emphasize your hair volume even more.
  • If you don’t want to totally change up your hairstyle, adding some thick bangs is an easy option that’ll never go out of style. The heavier the bangs, the better.

Now that you’ve read through the list of habits and methods, you’ll come to realize that achieving thicker, healthier hair is not as hard as it sounds. These tips are easy, accessible, and guaranteed to turn your thinning hair worries to rest. Try these tips today for thicker hair tomorrow!