The Wonders of Pantene Pro-V

Can stress make your hair fall out?

You have to be absolutely cray not to have heard of Pantene Pro-V. A pioneering brand that's trusted by women the world over, the Pantene Pro-V line of hair products gives your locks the extra loving care it needs.

Modern living can get you SMH at times. All that stress could affect both your health and appearance, and could even cause hair loss. While you naturally shed between 50 and 80 strands of hair every day, this number could shoot up when you find yourself in salty situations like losing your job or breaking up with your bae.

Count yourself blessed that Pantene Pro-V can help you deal.

Pantene Pro-V will get you feeling all Gucci fast as it has the power to give you strong, beautiful hair. Enriched with proven, powerful ingredients, the Pantene Pro-Vitamin line of hair care products target and repair damage where you need it the most. Pantene Pro-Vitamin works inside and out to give you beautiful hair rooted in true, lasting health.

The discovery of the Pantene Pro-V formula actually came about by accident. In the 1940s, scientists from Swiss drug company Hoffman-La Roche used Panthenol to treat serious skin injuries. When they discovered how it made hair on the treated skin stronger, they were absolutely amazed.

Since then, the Pro-Vitamin formula has gone through numerous updates. The way they've collaborated to make sure Pantene is always a lit brand is absolutely fascinating. Just imagine a global network of over 200 scientists working across four technical centers in four continents. Yaas!

And here's something extra: The Pantene Hair Institute has also partnered with 11 leading independent hair doctors and four senior P&G scientists to work on how to further improve hair health.

Pantene Pro-V may be several decades old, but it has continually and consistently made hair healthier and stronger to help you face the numerous challenges of modern living and slay all day, every day!