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Obsessed with hair color? Why not! It's a stylish way of self-expression. From fair to golden hair color options, there are so many to choose from. But whether you're a fan of balayage hair color, highlights or K-pop style global color, the one hassle is the frizz and dryness. Here's how to take care of colored hair and let your vibrant personality shine. How hair color works It's easy to take care of colored hair when you understand the basics of coloring and how it causes hair damage. Like other chemical treatments, hair coloring is an oxidative process that changes the hair’s structure and roughens the cuticles. In order to deposit the color pigments inside of the hair, chemicals make the hair swell, making the hair more porous and able to absorb the color. The bad news: the more porous your hair, the less shiny and healthy it looks. You'll also notice colored hair fade over time—that's because porous hair also absorbs more water, rinsing away moisture and color with every wash. Combine this with humid heat, humidity and air pollutants and you've got sabog hair that's super unmanageable.


Now that you know how the process works, how do you take care of colored hair? Here are some tips to give your tresses some TLC. 1. Use sun protection—shield your colored hair from the sun's damaging UV rays with a cute umbrella or cap. 2. Stay under the shower only long enough to cleanse your hair, to prevent the color from being rinsed away. 3. Avoid washing with warm or hot water. This lifts the hair cuticle which causes color to fade. Rinse with lukewarm or color water for a shinier result! 4. Give your hair a break from the blowdryer, straightening or curling iron. Look up tutorials on heatless styling, or air-dry hairstyles like the messy bun or loose braid. 5. Resist the temptation to get chemical treatments. If you usually tame your tresses with a Brazilian blowout or Keratin therapy, keep in mind that coloring your hair already changed its structure—with more chemical treatments, you'd be causing more damage. And that's not how you take care of colored hair.


What your hair needs is a color-preserving shampoo and hair color conditioner system that works to smooth the hair cuticles, lock in moisture, and boost shine. Treat colored hair with Pantene Color & Perm Shampoo. It contains Keratin Damage Blockers technology, infusing each strand with a nutrient-rich lather that leaves hair touchably soft and protects it from further damage. Pantene Color & Perm 3 Minute Miracle Hair Conditioner takes care of colored hair by nourishing and smoothening it with a boost of Pro-Vitamin nutrients, while coating it with a protective layer so that your color stays radiant for longer. A deep-conditioning hair mask once a week won't hurt either! [Pantene Color & Perm Hair Mask](/en-ph) provides professional-quality intensive repair that deeply nourishes hair cuticles and reduces shade fade with each wash, leaving your hair soft and shiny while giving it long-lasting color. In short, hair color conditioner is life! Make it part of your daily hair care essentials. You don't have to let frizz and dryness stop you from achieving your ombré hair color or colormelt hair dreams. Take care of your colored hair with the right products and hair care routine and see how easy it is to have vibrant hair that's healthy, soft and shiny.