How to Have Thick Hair for Stronger Locks

What are the benefits of strong hair? by Pantene Philippines

So, youre here to know how to have thick hair, right? We totally get it. Thick hair benefits include opening to you a slew of hairstyling options, flexibility, volume, and, let's face it, it just looks healthier.Here are a few maintain-thick-hair tips you need to know:

1. Check the condition of your scalp

Do you have dandruff? Does it get itchy? These are all clues to the condition of your scalp. Is there is an existing condition, get it checked and treat it. Treatment can be as easy as using the right kind of shampoo and conditioner like Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Total Damage Care range.You might also want to give your scalp a good massage while you're in the shower. This promotes better scalp circulation, stimulates hair follicles to grow faster, stronger and healthier.

2. Check what you eat

What you eat can affect hair growth. Women especially deal with hormonal imbalances and this can manifest on the hair. Knowing the source can definitely help you address it. In the meantime, eat a lot of good fats, like avocadoes, free-range eggs, nuts, and chia seeds.

3. Check how often you blow dry your hair

Excessive heat weakens hair so you might want to go easy on the hair dryer or flat iron. To protect your hair from your morning styling routine, make sure you use the right products. The products you use in the shower are your first lines of defense to have thick hair. We all know how humid it can be in Manila (hello, summer) and this is your hairs number one enemy. Pantenes Nature Care Fullness & Life range: Shampoo, Conditioner, Intensive Hair Mask, and Root Lift Mist are great picks to restore shine and fullness to hair. You are sure to get thick hair benefits with this shower arsenal.

4. Check how much product you use

Hair are dead cells but you can still weigh it down with the amount of product you use on it. If you still didn't know it yet, conditioner is only applied to the ends of hair. Pantene's Total Damage Care Intensive Hair Mask is only to be used once a week at the most. Styling products can be the biggest culprits as well. Don't miss out on the benefits of thick hair because too much gunk in your hair can lead to scalp buildup which well, refer to number 1 please.

5. Check how often you have your hair trimmed

We may take this step for granted but it is important if we want to reap all the benefits of thick hair. Why? It helps maintain your hair's shape, it makes you look less unkempt, and it helps keeps the ends from drying out. We all know that our hair is our crowning glory. Let's take care of it like we take care of our skin and we are sure to have thick tresses to match our glowing complexion.