Grow Your Hair Long and Strong

stronger hair to go long

Longing for long locks but always having your dream cut short because of damage or hair fall? Here are some tips for healthier, stronger hair that you can grow long.

1. Start Fresh

We all have different hair growth cycles, which is basically the time your hair grows to its maximum length before it falls out. Sometimes though, hairs would break off before they reach their potential length. In short, only healthy hair can grow long. So if you want it to reach waist length, your first step is to start anew. Chop a few centimeters off your hair to get rid of frayed, brittle, and damaged ends that may be due to over-processing.

2. Be gentle

Hair will obviously break if you try, no matter how strong and healthy it is. Keep this in mind when handling your hair, whether its toweling, blow-drying, or brushing it.

The point of brushing is to detangle and manage it. If you wash and condition regularly, no need to approach your hair like its a beast that needs to be tamed! Its best to use a wide-toothed comb when your hair is wet, starting from the bottom, going up.

3. Don't over-style

Taking care of long hair obviously takes more effort than wearing it short. If you want long hair that looks healthy, youll probably have to give up on other styles.

That means no bleaching it (bye, bright pastel colors) or styling it in super-tight ponytails and high doughnut buns all the time, which could cause hair to weaken, split, or break. Avoid chemical processing, switch up your styles, and let down your hair whenever you can.

4. Stay nourished

Remember when your mom, tita or lola would try to get you to eat more fruits and veggies when you were younger? They might have also mentioned something about how vitamins and nutrients give you healthy skin and hair, too. A diet rich in proteins, vitamins (A, B7, C, and E) minerals (zinc, iron), and omega-3 fatty acids, takes care of your hair from the inside.

On the outside, the right shampoo and conditioner keeps your hair healthy and nourished. Pantenes Pro-Vitamin formula strengthens even the weakest part of the hair, so you can have stronger hair from root to tip.

Rapunzel's hairlong and strong enough to help a charming prince climb up a towermight be the stuff of fairy tales, but it is a reality that the secret to long hair is to keep it resilient against breakage and hair fall. Give your hair some love using these tips, and it won't be long before it's long!

strong hair to go long