How to add volume to your hair: 5 surefire ways

Achieve thick hair with conditioner

Many of us dream of having thick and voluminous hair! Fortunately, how to add volume to your hair is no longer a problem, especially with the right products and the right knowledge. Let us share with you five tips on how to achieve thicker hair.

Understand what your hair needs.

You have to get into the science of it if you want to know how to add volume to your hair. Each hair strand has a complex internal structure. If any part of a strand is damaged, the entire strand becomes weak, thin, and straggly. So you need a product that nourishes all parts of your hair.

Try Pantenes 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. It helps maintain true volume from root to tip. Because of the Pro-V formula, this miracle conditioner works right to the core. Used regularly, it will make your hair stronger and thicker over time.

Blow-dry your hair upside-down.

When it's time to blow dry your hair, bend forward, bow your head, and flip your hair over your head. Blow dry from below. This will create voluminous hair from the roots. A few spritzes from your hairspray will set the volume.

Part your hair differently every day.

Always parting your hair at the same spot eventually produces flat hair. Starting today, part your hair on the opposite side of your usual part--or on the same side but not on the exact spot. Do it after a shampoo; it's easier to change your hair part if your hair is wet. Once you shift your part, you'll notice extra buoyancy on your hair.

Use a styling shortcut.

While your hair is wet, divide it either into two and loosely secure each bunch with a hair tie, or gather your hair in one loose bun. Spritz the bun, or each bunch, with hair spray and then, while keeping your hair secure in the hair ties, dry it using a blow dryer without heat. When you're done, remove the ties and, voila! Volume!

Minimize chemical hair treatments.

You don't really need to color your hair a new shade every month, do you? Chemicals will eventually leave your hair weak, dry, and dull. That is the complete opposite of adding volume to your hair.Give your hair a break; let your strands breathe and grow out between chemical treatments. Once you do that, it will eventually be easy to add volume to your hair.

Be gentle with your wet hair.

Your hair is at its most vulnerable when it's wet. So go easy with the towel drying. Vigorously rubbing your wet hair damages the strands, making it difficult for you to come out with voluminous hair. Blow-drying dailyis also a no-no. Heat damages hair, making it limp and impossible to volumize. And if you must comb comb your hair while it's wet, use a wide-tooth comb, not a hairbrush. A wide-tooth comb won't cause as much friction on your hair, and, consequently, won't damage it as much.

Use conditioner.

Applying conditioner is actually essential for achieving thick, voluminous hair. They say this product weighs down your hair and makes it look flat? A total myth. In fact, conditioner is what you need to get the thick hair look. If you use conditioner regularly and correctly, eventually it will help plump up your hair.

Apply conditioner the right way.

Let Steve Shiel, PhD., explain to you how to correctly put conditioner on your hair: "For thin hair, applying conditioner the right way is essential. Use your fingers like a comb to apply conditioner from the upper section of your hair, near the roots and work it down towards the ends. That way, your hair can be full of volume from root to tip and not dragged down by damage.

Now that we've told you how to add volume to your hair, let's do a recap. Use conditioner, and put it on your hair correctly. Regularly apply Pantene's 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner because this particular conditioner nourishes your hair from root to tip. Lay off the frequent chemical treatments. And finally, handle your wet hair gently. You are now ready to go out with your glorious voluminous hair!

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