These Stunning 2020 Hair Color Trends are Surprisingly Easy to Maintain

There’s nothing like stepping out with brand-new hair color that definitely makes you feel more confident and vibrant. The tricky part comes from maintaining colored hair, as typically, it requires chemical treatment. But don’t worry, you can still maintain the hair color you have always wanted, while keeping it healthy, even without going to a salon. Here’s a roundup of the latest stunning hair color trends that every Filipina can take inspiration from. On top of that, we will share an easy and affordable product hack for maintaining your new hair color at home.

Maintaining Color-Treated Hair at Home

The secret to gorgeous hair isn’t all about your hair color. Once you’ve gone through the trouble of dyeing or even bleaching, it’s equally important to treat your tresses so your hair doesn’t become dry and brittle!

Pantene 3-Minute Color & Perm Miracle Conditioner

Pantene 3 Minute Color & Perm Miracle Conditioner Hair Treatment

When you wash chemically treated hair, it is best to use a conditioning hair treatment and hair color with color-protection to lock in needed moisture and shine.

To prevent further damage for colored and permed hair, we recommend using the Pantene 3-Minute Color & Perm Miracle Conditioner. Similar to its shampoo counterpart, it has Keratin Damage Blockers technology that helps repair chemical damage all in just 3 minutes of use.

This conditioner has Pro-Vitamins providing repair damage caused by harsh chemical treatments. It is also formulated with Color Shine Serum to lock in your hair's vibrant color, bringing your natural hair shine back even after being chemically treated.

Trendy colored hair and even those heavily bleached can be achieved and maintained by using color-safe hair treatments and hair colors for dyed hair. Not only do they preserve your hair color, they also keep your hair vibrant, damage-free, and healthy-looking.

Let’s take a look at the hottest hair colour trends of 2020!

Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde Image
If you’re looking for a major look refresher then ash blonde is the hue for you. This hair color style is the current favorite of the icons seen all over social media, and it seems that it’s here to stay for good. Achieving the cool-toned blonde is all about balancing the hues with your natural undertones, but it’s important to keep in mind not to wash yourself out with overly cool tones. Those with cool skin undertones won’t go wrong with ash blonde hair, while for those with warmer skin tone, Ash Grey is what will best compliment your look.

Ash Grey

Ash-Grey image
This hair color compliments an array of skin tones, but to fully achieve that beautiful ash grey hue, the hair must be close to almost white. For safety, it’s recommended to keep it slow and do the hair color in stages. The exciting thing about ash grey is that it comes in different styles, so you can adjust how warm or light you want the grey to be. You can try Purple Ash Grey with the hues of purple pastel for a playful vibe, or sport a Metallic Ash Grey by adding metallic streaks to contrast your ash grey roots. You can even choose to let it shine with the Silver Ash Grey that looks stylish and stunning especially with long and sleek locks. With the different color tones, it’s best to consult your stylist to get your ash grey personalization right.

Chocolate truffle

chocolate truffle hair color
Perfect for the Filipina Morena, the chocolate truffle is a combination of warm and cool brunette tones. This hair color style compliments warm skin tones especially well, even with brushed highlights mixed in with a chocolate toned base. The transition from both shades of brunette is more subtle, with diffused tones, and by making the tips appear lighter than the roots, there is more definition around the face and jawline. If you have a warm skin undertone, opt for colors with an orange or red undertone like auburn, caramel, golden blonde, and copper. If your skin tone is on the cooler side, choose colors with violet and green undertones like ashy shades of brown, gray, and light blonde.


Hair treatment twilighting technique
Twilighting is a mix of the balayage technique and babylights wherein the hair color is applied to create a natural gradient from the roots with fine subtle highlights to add definition and dimension to your hair. This technique is perfect for anyone who wants to subtly transform their look. Through lifting the hair to a brown shade and adding golden highlights, this works well for Filipinas who want to go for a low-maintenance hair color trend. Also by adding highlights around the face area, this hair coloring technique brightens and adds dimension to the face.

Orchard Red

Orchard red hair
If you have been wanting to try a red hair colour but have been worried about the shade being too bright and loud — then orchard red must be for you. The orchard red is a deeper and redder copper tone that would match those with pale skin tones to give you a richer and more radiant complexion. Strawberry reds, cinnamon, and red copper shades are also some interesting red shades that you can explore.

Deep red colour hair treatment
Those with a warm skin undertone can opt for deeper shades of red. From sultry plum hues to maroon red tones, these will work for every morena. The vibrance of red hair doesn’t usually last for a long time since its color can turn dull and dry after a few washes. Keeping chemically treated hair from staying vibrant and smooth can only be achieved by using a color-protecting shampoo. Pamper your locks with a hair treatment and hair color at home by using the Pantene Color & Perm Shampoo that helps colored and permed hair achieve a longer-lasting color and perm with daily use. This shampoo also contains Keratin Damage Blocker technology that helps repair chemically damaged hair caused by coloring and perming. This hair-dye shampoo prevents further chemical damage, hair fall, and breakage and also provides moisture to your hair without stripping its color too.

Bold roots

Shadow effect hair color treatment
Bold roots hair treatment

Go bold or go home with this trending hair color style. Let your natural hair reveal its true shade by growing your hair out to create a shadow effect. The “shadow” at the roots adds contrast to your hair for a bolder vibe. We love that this hair color trend is easy and low-maintenance because it’s perfect for those who are not able to visit the salon for touch-ups anytime soon. If you’re in the mood to DIY, an at-home boxed dye that’s close to your original hair color should do the trick in retouching your roots.

Silver blonde/Smokey Violet

Silver blonde hair treatment
Silver-blonde hair is a mix of blonde hair and silver highlights for that ultimate ice-queen look. The metallic shade blends with the blonde shade to reveal a deeper medium ashy platinum blonde that’s great on cooler skin tones.

smokey violet hair color treatment
Meanwhile, the Smokey Violet is said to be a favorite for its medium purple shade with gray undertones— making it easier to style and wear with neutral makeup and dark-toned outfits. Both hair colors require balanced bleached hair to achieve the desired hue. A blotchy bleach can dramatically affect the end results so make sure to get an even bleaching at the lightest shade of blonde.

Hair Treatment for colored hair

Whether it's a subtle color change or a bold revamp, using a color-protecting conditioner will help maintain the vibrancy and smoothness of your chemically-treated strands. Pantene Color & Perm Shampoo and conditioner prevents further damage, and locks in your hair’s natural vibrancy for a healthier hair condition.