4 Conditioner Myths to Stop Believing for Healthier Hair

With so many dos and don'ts about conditioner, which tips do you follow? Here are 4 conditioner myths you probably hear a lot, and the truth on conditioner use.

CONDITIONER MYTH #1 - You should only use conditioner at the tips

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Day after day, your hair is exposed to damage from UV rays, pollutants, and breakage due to combing and styling. Thats every inch of your entire hair that needs nourishing and protection! So go ahead and give it the conditioning it needs. Start with the tips and work your way all the way up the roots, but do be careful to avoid the scalp.

For more volume, less breakage and flyaways, youll need a strengthening conditioner with smart technology that knows exactly what your hair needs. Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Conditioners micro-target the brittle parts of your hair to nourish them the most, and helps reduce the stress of daily styling. So your hair is stronger against damage, and even more beautiful.

CONDITIONER MYTH #2 - Conditioner makes hair fall out

Common Conditioner Myths Debunked

It's not actually conditioner that that makes hair fall out: we naturally lose 50-80 strands every day. If you seem to lose more after using conditioner, that's because tangled hair traps loose strands, and conditioner detangles hair, so the strands you've shed get rinsed out.

That said, you can prevent additional hair fall by using a good conditioner that reduces breakage caused by daily blow-drying and styling. Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Conditioners have a smart formula that micro-targets weak spots that need conditioning the most, so you can style hair to your hearts content. And because it's protected from damage and breakage, it's easier to grow it longer and more beautiful.

CONDITIONER MYTH #3 - Conditioner Makes Hair Greasy

Common Conditioner Myths Debunked

Many factorslike diet, hormones, frequent touching,overwashing or not washing enough can lead to an increased build-up of the natural oils in your scalp. Result? Greasy hair! If it does feel weighed down after using conditioner, you might be using the wrong one for your hair type. For instance, your conditioner might be meant for dry, thick wavy hair, while you've got shiny hair that's straight and flat.

From lightweight conditioners for fine, healthy hair to rich conditioners for curly or damaged hair, Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Conditioners features smart technology that targets your hair's needs, and then weightlessly rinses away. No grease, no worries! Just strong, beautiful hair.

CONDITIONER MYTH #4 - Conditioner Only Works In the Shower

Common Conditioner Myths Debunked

Some people think that as soon as you rinse your conditioner, all its benefits go down the drain with it. Actually, a good conditioner like Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Conditioners keeps working for you long afterward.

In the shower, Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Conditioners' Pro-V formula targets the weakened areas of your hair to condition and strengthen them, protecting wet hair against the damage of towel-drying, brow-drying and styling. And as your hair dries, this advanced conditioning formula smooths out rough spots, making it easier to get the look you want. The result? Super soft, strong, beautiful, and manageable hair, all day long!