Frizzy Hair Treatment & Solutions: Fix The Frizz

Weather in the Philippines can be very finicky resulting in unruly, frizzy hair. One day your hair is smooth and gorgeous, and the next, its rough and crinkly. Whats the best frizzy hair treatment for a harried, hurried girl?

Believe it or not, moisture plays a big role in how beautiful or not so beautiful your hair looks. When the weather changes, the moisture level of your hair gets affected. If you have damaged hair, the result perhaps of poor diet, too much stress, or over-styling, maintaining the proper moisture level is going to be more challenging. This is how you end up with frizzy hair or hair with static.

Hair actually feels dry, crunchy, or frizzy because its holding too much moisture, not too little, explains Pantene Principal Scientist Mike Davis. Of course, nobody wants frizzy hair, and finding the right frizzy and dry hair treatment is a blessing for every young Filipina.

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When your hair becomes frizzy

You get frizzy hair when theres more moisture in the air than in your hair. As moisture seeps in, your hair shaft expands, disrupting your hairs smooth, outermost layer. Your hair then gets frizzy, impairing its ability to hold your curls or stay smooth and straight.

Now heres the effective frizzy hair treatment which you may not know about: Hair conditioner. Yes, conditioner actually helps return moisture balance to your hair, allowing you more frizz control when faced with drastic weather changes.

Proper Hair Moisture Matters

When your hair becomes static

An imbalance on moisture levels also plays a part when your hair gets static. When your hairs protective barrier peels away, your hair not only becomes dry, it is also become less effective at keeping in moisture. Dont be surprised then when electrical charges build up and cause your hair to stand up like crazy.

Proper Hair Moisture Matters

Prevent dry hair, say goodbye to frizz

The perfect frizzy hair treatment and the antidote to static on hair is conditioner, Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Silky Smooth Care Conditioner to be exact.

Pantene conditioners work at the core to maintain the perfect balance of water inside each hair strand so it feels soft and swingy, and not frizzy or full of static, says Davis.

Apply Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Silky Smoth Care conditioner from root to tip to help prevent dry hair or repair it from inside out. By keeping moisture at an optimal level, your hair will be perfectly hydrated and in tip-top shape no matter the changes in the weather.

proper hair moisture matters