Causes of Hair fall & Best Hair fall Treatment

As stressful as it can be to see your hair clogging the shower drain, and sweeping long strands of hair every day, hair fall is normal. On average, we shed at least 80 strands in a day, so it’s realistic to see a good amount of hair strands lying around your house. But anything significantly more than this might be affected by certain triggers and it’s important to figure out why.

You can identify the possible causes of hair fall by assessing what your hair loss looks like. If you’re losing full strands of hair with rounded ends, this can be from natural or biological causes such as pregnancy, reactions to medication, hormonal imbalances, and genes. Broken strands with damaged ends, on the other hand, are a sign of hair loss caused by breakage due to extreme heat styling, chemical treatments, extreme humidity, and prolonged exposure to heat.

Yes, losing hair can be concerning, but it’s nothing to worry about! There are affordable treatments out there to help you prevent and reduce the various kinds of hair fall, so discover your options with us below.

Natural Hair Loss

Natural treatments

The use of natural ingredients in combatting hair woes is a common household remedy. Not only are they inexpensive and readily available at home, but they are also proven effective.

Coconut milk hair fall treatment

One common natural ingredient that helps stimulate healthy hair growth and is known to prevent split ends is coconut milk! Rich in Vitamins E and B, coconut milk is filled with nutrients that can help with hair fall. Using coconut milk as an ingredient for a soothing DIY hair mask can help strengthen your hair.

To get started on your at-home treatment, apply a generous amount of coconut milk directly onto the scalp and massage for 2 minutes, gently spreading it out until your hair is covered. Leave it on for 20 minutes, and rinse well after.

Treat hair loss with aloe vera

Another natural ingredient that helps when dealing with hair fall is Aloe vera. It contains enzymes, which repair dead skin cells on the scalp, promoting healthier hair. Aloe vera also conditions and improves your hair’s elasticity, preventing further hair loss when applied directly to the scalp. You can directly apply aloe vera gel to your scalp and let it sit for an hour. Rinse the gel off by proceeding with your normal hair care routine, and enjoy your moisturized and hydrated hair.

Scalp massage

Massage scalp to prevent hairfall

Massaging the scalp soothes and improves your hair condition. A simple scalp massage can improve blood circulation to the hair follicles that encourages healthy hair growth and can arrest breakage and hair loss from happening.

Using your fingertips, massage your scalp by applying gentle pressure in circular motions for 5-10 minutes. This can be done while washing your hair with massaging tools, and even when your hair is dry. You can also use essential oils, and natural ingredients to help soothe your scalp when massaging.

Health tonics as hair fall treatment

Fish oil and ginseng are some of the known tonics that help boost immunity, overall health, and have positive effects on hair growth too.

Omega 3 hair fall treatment

Omega-3 found in fish oils has properties that help in opening up the hair follicles and promotes blood circulation in the scalp. This keeps the hair and scalp healthy and prevents excessive hair fall. Fish oils are supplements commonly consumed in the form of capsules.

Treat hair fall with ginseng

Ginseng is commonly used in traditional medicines which benefits the body, and mind and is usually found in Korean and Chinese markets in the form of capsules, teas, and medicinal syrups. It’s commonly used as a stimulant for a healthy scalp and encourages hair growth since ginseng helps improve production of dermal cells and nurturing of hair follicles. The miracle ingredient can even help cleanse your scalp by eliminating dryness and dandruff, and also has properties that help relieve stress, which can be a common cause of hair fall!

Hair Breakage

To strengthen weak hair

Weak hair can take on different forms. It can be thin, limp, dry, dull, and falling out. Weak hair means it has lost its protein, lipids, and moisture that’s usually caused by excessive heat styling, chemical processes, diet, or hormonal imbalances.

Weak hair and scalp conditions easily lead to breakage and hair fall so you’ll have to select products that deal directly with your hair health starting at the roots to bring back what it lost and to prevent further damage.

pantene hairfall control shampoo

Hair Fall Control Miracle Conditioner

Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Hair Fall Control Miracle Conditioner are great for anyone dealing with weak hair — it’s formulated to give you stronger, healthier hair from root to tip. This anti hair fall duo contains powerful Pro-Vitamins that penetrate deep into each hair strand, providing hair with the nutrients that it lost, leaving it more nourished from within. These reduce hair fall by moisturizing and nourishing hair from root to tip to prevent split ends and further hair loss with every wash.

Treat hair after chemical treatments

When you subject the hair to harmful chemical treatments, it can dissolve the protective layer of the strands and result in a weakened hair cuticle. When hair is unable to retain moisture, it becomes dry and brittle, and hair fall starts to happen due to breakage.

color and perm shampoo

3 minute miracle Color & Perm Conditioner

If your hair always goes through chemical processes, it’s time to use damage-blocking products like the Pantene Color & Perm Shampoo and Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Color & Perm Conditioner that contains Keratin Damage Blocker technology to help repair your chemically damaged hair that’s been weakened by coloring and perming. This shampoo helps you achieve longer-lasting hair color and perm and prevents further chemical damage without sacrificing your hair’s natural shine.

To treat hair after exposure to hair tools e.g. heat styling

If you’re used to styling your hair every day with heat tools, chances are your locks look polished on the outside, but are actually damaged and dry on the inside. Exposing your hair to excessive heat destroys the outer cuticle layer that protects it from exterior damage, causing it to lose melanin and moisture. This can make your hair dry, brittle, dull, and frizzy which leads to hair fall.

Total damage care conditioner

Total damage care shampoo

Bring your hair back to life with much-needed nutrients by using the Pantene Total Damage Care Miracle Conditioner. This conditioner has a unique Pro-V formula repairing the core of your strands for a smoother and stronger hair. With daily use, your hair will be protected from the 10 visible signs of damage: dry hair, breakage, split ends, tangles, dullness, brittle strands, rough texture, frizz, and unmanageable hair — leaving you with healthier hair that shines naturally. Use it daily with the Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo for stronger, softer, protected hair.

Treating your hair fall problems should be much easier now that you understand the causes and the many available and easy treatment options you have. You can bid excessive hair loss goodbye by giving your hair some tender love and care with Pantene products that are packed with nourishing miracle ingredients for your hair care needs!