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What Are the Causes of Hair Fall and How Can You Prevent Hair Fall?

Causes of Hair Fall

Have you been noticing excessive hair fall lately? To effectively treat it and avoid it in the future, the first step is to know what's causing it so you can figure out how to prevent hair fall.
The tricky thing about hair fall is that it can be due to a variety of factors including the following:
1. [Stress is not good for your health](/en-ph/hair-problems-and-solution/cause-of-hair-fall-can-stress-cause-it) and that includes your hair health. Stress wreaks havoc on your hair’s natural growth and rest cycle, making it one of the most common causes of hair fall.
2. Hormones play a big part in your body’s functions, so you may notice hair fall after pregnancy or menopause or when you have a hormonal imbalance.
3. Illnesses and certain medications with side effects can disrupt your hair’s natural cycle, which causes hair fall.
4. When you lose weight suddenly and drastically, your body goes into crisis mode and stops sending nutrients to non-essential parts like your hair, causing hair fall.
Causes of Hair Fall and How Can You Prevent Hair Fall2

How to Prevent Hair Fall

You’ve probably heard all the old tales from your Titas and grandmas about how to prevent hair fall like brushing your hair 100 times before bed and avoiding wearing hats. There’s little to no truth in old wives’ tales, so your best bet is to go for tried-and-tested ideas on how to prevent hair fall.
  1. 1. Get enough rest and try different relaxation techniques such as meditating, journaling, and getting massages. This way, you can reduce your stress, which is important if it’s stress that’s causing your hair fall.
  2. 2. If you suspect that the causes of your hair fall may be hormones, illness, medication, or sudden weight loss, see a doctor so you can figure out what changes you can make in your diet, medication, or lifestyle to prevent hair fall.
  3. 3. Avoid hairstyles that stress the hair like tight ponytails and braids. Try alternating tight and loose hairstyles to give your hair a break.
  4. 4. Avoid high-heat hair tools to prevent breakage or permanent damage. Experiment with no-heat styling tricks and gentle hair products instead.
  5. 5. Avoid heavy creams and serums that weigh down your hair and mess with your hair’s natural oils.
  6. 6. Limit the use of chemical treatments like hair color, bleach, and perms. Those baddies also cause hair fall.
  7. 7. Finally, there’s one solution that’s so simple, you’ll wonder how it could be possibly true—wash your hair to prevent hair fall When you wash your hair every day, you strengthen it with all the nutrients and irritant blockers it needs. In the same way that working out strengthens your muscles, daily washing makes your hair more resilient and less prone to break or fall.
The trick is in [how you wash your hair every day](/en-ph/hair-problems-and-solution/wash-your-hair) . Living in a hot, humid country, it’s natural instinct for you to shower and wash your hair at least once a day. The secret is to go for hair products that specifically target hair fall. The new breakthrough Pantene Pro-Vitamin Series is just what you need to fight the causes of hair fall. Start with the Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo, which has unique Pro-V Nutrient Blends that not just cleanse the hair, but also nourish and strengthen* every strand. You’ll notice that your hair is so much stronger* with fewer tangles, making for less hair fall* even when your hair is wet and after combing. For even more winning results, pair it with the [Pantene Pro-V 3-Minute Hair Fall Control Conditioner](/en-ph/product/3-minute-miracle-biotin-strength-intensive-serum-conditioner) . Apply it after rinsing the shampoo to deeply condition hair, making it stronger* and shinier inside and out. This combo is what makes washing your hair every day one of the best, simplest ways to prevent hair fall. So when you shower, you can make every wash count with the Pantene Pro-Vitamin Series. You’ll find your hair getting stronger and healthier in no time! #StrongerNow *hair fall due to breakage vs. P&G non-conditioning shampoo