Filipina women have always been a force to reckon with. While everyone still struggles with issues of gender equality and women breaking through male-dominated fields, women in this part of the world refuse to sit back and do nothing about it. They're constantly, proactively addressing these issues, and changing the scene for good.

So what makes them so strong & successful? Unarguably, it’s their unstoppable zest for doing more and never resting on their laurels. Obstacles along the way become challenges that they are driven to overcome. In whatever they do, they push lang ang push for themselves and for their loved ones. This insatiable appetite to take on any challenge, makes them persevere and emerge even stronger than before.

Such has been the case with these trail-blazing young Filipinas:


Anne Curtis

Criticized then. Celebrated now.

When Anne first started out on her journey to stardom, she was not seen as promising since she barely spoke any Tagalog. But her patience and willingness to learn soon paid off. In her own words, "It was a slow climb to achieve my dream... [but] directors and producers started to notice I was improving in my own craft." Despite all the skepticism, she succeeded and was constantly in the spotlight. But fame came with its share of slander and attacks. Even before Instagram and the social media era, she has withstood a decade of bashing. Her looks, her talent, her relationships and even her family were constantly under scrutiny. But Anne persevered, letting none of the negativity get in her way. To add to her long list of accomplishments, she recently held a successful concert in Araneta Colliseum, which sold out in no time. Which just goes to show, that yet again, on this road to limitless dreams and achievements, she's not planning on stopping anytime soon.


Kevin Balot

Unwelcome then. Loved now.

Miss International Queen 2012 in Pattaya. The first transgender woman to become the face of Pantene Philippines. Kevin's story is one that inspires and moves. As a child, Kevin's desire to live as a beautiful woman was not accepted, leave alone supported. Being the only son among all siblings only made the situation more difficult. But the rejection, especially from her father, only taught her to be stronger. She became independent right after high school, working multiple jobs to support herself, all the while entering local beauty pageants to spread positivity. Despite all the time and effort it took, her dedication never wavered and she successfully put herself through college, earning a degree in nursing. Today, she is an inspiration to not just transgender people, but everyone who aspires to follow their own dreams.


Gabbi Garcia

Shy girl then. Global endorser now.

One of the quickest rising stars in the country, it's difficult to imagine that Gabbi used to struggle with self-image issues. Constantly being teased and rejected for her looks, the battle with her own appearance and how it affected her self-worth was prevalent in her teenage years. At times, it made her so self-conscious that all she wanted to do was to hide from the rest of the world. Fortunately, as she matured, she realized such insecurities no longer had a role in her life, that they did not make her happy or help in her growth. It's how she became the strong, inspiring woman that we've all come to know and love today. As an endorser for multiple international brands, she sets a fine example for young girls, telling them that nothing compares to the importance of self-respect. Having led three hit primetime series in a row, Gabbi is not one to shy away from breakthroughs and success nowadays. All thanks to her adamant spirit of refusing to give in, refusing to give up.

There are so many other inspiring Filipinas out there and you can definitely be one of them too, if you aren’t already. All it takes is that unrelenting spirit to take on every challenge and emerge even stronger with it. And that’s when you’ll see that it is this strength that makes you beautiful.


Be beautiful. Be stronger now.

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