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  • Nature Care Fullness & Life Shampoo

    Restores shine and fullness to hair upon the loss of volume and natural gloss through constant damage. Contains Cassia Complex that facilitates gentle cleansing and delivery of conditioning benefits.
    • Gently cleanses and conditions hair
    • Rejuvenates damaged hair
    • Restores natural shine and fullness to hair

    Has your hair been limp and dull lately? Pantene Nature Care Fullness & Life Shampoo restores volume and buoyancy to hair that needs a huge pick-me-up. This natural shampoo contains cassia complex, a fundamental ingredient in herbal medicine, which helps moisturize and condition your hair. Its conditioning benefits make hair softer, locking in moisture, and protecting each strand and driving away dullness.

    Pantene Nature Care Fullness & Life Shampoo can rejuvenate limp and lifeless hair that has lost its natural volume and gloss. The natural-ingredients shampoo revitalizes hair without the harmful effects of chemicals. Rest assured, it deeply (yet gently!) cleanses hair, restoring natural fullness, shine, and health to limp and lifeless hair.