Can stress make your hair fall out?

Ladies, if you’re living in Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila or any other metropolitan city, this article is just for you.

Your hair has a new enemy and it lurks all around you, any guesses as to what? That’s right, Pollution! 

With PSI levels reaching alarming levels, pollutants 20 times smaller than your hair follicles sneak in, weakening your hair’s core. This causes your hair to fall and worse, your hair is left rough and damaged.

If you have shoulder length hair, you’re exposing a vast amount of surface area to pollution damage. Needless to say, we need to protect our beautiful locks from this hair nightmare.

Seek safe haven from the harmful effects of pollution with Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo. Purify hair from unwanted particles that cause your hair to feel rough and damaged. Its micro-bubble technology contains ingredients that are tinier than pollutants shielding your follicles from settling dust and grit. 

Add an extra protective layer by following up your hair routine with Pantene’s new and improved Hair Fall Control 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. Shield your hair with Pantene’s light weight protective coating and repel unwanted particles from settling on your hair. 

So don’t be weighed down by dust. Face peak time pollution with Pantene’s New & Improved Hair Fall Control.

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