Wedding Hair

Where we live, it’s almost always summer: the season of road trips and endless fun under the sun. You might think you’re all prepped up for summer. But is your hair really ready for it?   

Summer is also a time when we head to the beach, lay out in the sun, and take a much-needed dip. But when hair gets exposed to heat and salt water, it becomes more prone to damage, and is weighed down 3 times more than healthy hair. 

With regular use of Pantene, hair becomes easier to style, manage and maintain, leaving you with smooth, beautiful locks all summer long. Unlike other haircare products, Pantene's shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle conditioner penetrate deep into hair’s core, repairing the damage from inside out, making hair stronger and healthier.

Here’s how to get that trendy summer updo on.

Wedding Hair