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Are your dinner plans ruined, yet again, because of afternoon lagkit? Don’t worry, fam, we got you. We know how having a great hair day can make you feel powerful and confident. Let us show you how using Pantene conditioner can give your life — and your hair — the smoothness it needs.
Pantene conditioner


What if we told you we have a product that can help stop the afternoon lagkit hair effect that ruins a good hair day?

The Pantene Miracle Conditioner contains Featherlight Serum, an amazing new ingredient that gives your hair all-day smoothness. The Serum was created and developed by a group of Pantene hair experts in collaboration with German molecular scientists. So you can be sure that this miracle conditioner has ingredients that are backed by science.

Along with pro-vitamins, the Featherlight Serum wraps around each hair strand from tip to tip. By doing this, the Featherlight Serum creates a thin, even layer that makes your hair as smooth and light as a feather throughout the day. Not just that: the Serum also leaves hair to smell fantastic until night-time.Conventional conditioners, lacking the Serum, aren't equipped to do this. They can't completely insulate hair fibers; and that produces lagkit hair later in the day.


It isn't just light, smooth hair that the new Featherlight Serum creates. Using this innovation, Pantene has also come up with other conditioner variants that care for your hair in different ways. The Hair Fall Control variant strengthens hair daily and keeps hair fall at a minimum; the Total Damage Care variant repairs split ends and basically helps you treat damaged hair; finally, the Silky Smooth Care variant maintains daily moisture for your hair.

In other words, these Miracle Conditioners that contain Featherlight Serum were created to ultimately give you the great hair day that you deserve—all day, every day. With regular and proper use of the Pantene Miracle Conditioner, you can kiss afternoon lagkit goodbye and just love the light & airy smoothness!