Moisture plays a big role when it comes to hair. When the weather changes, the hair’s moisture level gets affected. Unfortunately, when you have damaged hair, maintaining the proper moisture level is tough. So hair becomes frizzy or static.

When your hair becomes frizzy 

Frizzy hair means there’s more moisture in the air than in your hair. The hair shaft swells as moisture seeps in and disrupts the hair’s smooth, outermost layer. As a result, you get frizz. So you can’t expect your hair to hold its curls or stay smooth and straight. 

When your hair becomes static

You get static in your hair when the protective barrier that holds in moisture separates and peels. Consequently, hair becomes dry and less effective at keeping in moisture. So electrical charges build up and cause the hair to stand up like crazy. 

Getting rid of static and frizz

Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle conditioner repairs hair from inside out, neutralizing the charges and keeping hair’s moisture at an optimal level. So when your hair stays perfectly hydrated, you can look fabulous and frizz-free, no matter the weather or where you live.