So, you want a new hair color, but you’re worrying about the result: is it going to be too bright? Too pale? Or completely different from what it says on the bottle? Relax. And think about whether your hair is in tip-top shape for accepting color in the first place.

To revel in the full glory of burgundy, chestnut, or whatever color you choose – while you protect your hair from damage, you must first prep it for your new hair color. Here’s why.

Hair has mineral impurities on the surface that cause color to develop too soon, resulting in the dreaded uneven dye job. It also prevents color molecules from being fully absorbed into hair, which is what makes hair color last longer.

Pantene washes away these color-blocking minerals on the surface of your hair, allowing color to go deep and develop as it was meant to. So say goodbye to color fade and hello to long-lasting highlights. Stand out with hair color that’s fab, not drab.