Straight To The Point: Which Hair Treatment Is Best For You?

Like many things from the 1990s, swishy glass hair is back! If silky-smooth hair is your beauty peg, it's good to learn about which treatment you should go for, and consider the damage (on your wallet, and your strands!)

Types of Straightening Treatments

Hair Relaxing
Damage Level: 5

What it is: A chemical cream is applied to relax curls, breaking hair’s protein bonds. Further damage results when you go back for a touch-up, since the chemical might be re-applied on areas that were already treated. You can’t wash your hair for a few days after.
Best for: Tightly coiled, curly hair. (Some Filipinas get this treatment even when their hair is wavy!)
Done by: A professional stylist.
Lasts: Until hair grows out.

Rebonding (Japanese straightening)
Damage Level: 4

What it is:  Ammonium thioglycolate breaks down hair’s protein bonds, changing its structure. Hair is then ironed straight, then a hydrogen peroxide neutralizer is applied to re-form the bonds and “lock in” hair’s new shape. It takes 3-8 hours depending on hair length, and you can’t wet, pin, or tuck your hair behind the ears for a few days to preserve its shape. Tiis-ganda!
Best for: Virgin hair (i.e. never been colored or treated) and no plans of curling (it won’t hold).
Done by: A professional stylist.
Lasts: 4-6 months

Brazilian Blow-out (Keratin treatment)
Damage Level: 3

What it is: Unlike rebonding, this treatment won't break your hair's bonds, so its texture will eventually return and you can still curl it if you like. The cost of frizz-free freedom? The use of formaldehyde, which has been linked to serious health issues. Yikes.
Best for: Wavy, frizzy, or previously processed hair. Not as effective on super curly hair.
Done by: A professional stylist. TIP: Ask if the salon has a formaldehyde-free option.
Lasts: Around 3 months

Types of Straightening Treatments

Heat Styling + Smoothing Serum
Damage Level: 2 to 1

What it is: A quick fix of blow-drying hair straight, sometimes with the added use of a straightening iron. It's best to use a lower setting while blow-drying, and use a heat-protecting serum to helps seal the hair.
Best for:Preserving the fundamental structure of your hair.
Done by: You, a friend, or a stylist if you’re feeling extra.
Lasts:  1-2 days, or your next hair wash.

Air Dry + Smoothing Serum
Damage Level: 0

What it is: Wash-and-wear hair! It might take longer than blow-drying, but it's the least damaging option of all. Start in the shower with a smoothing conditioner like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 3 Minute Miracle. Its Pro-V formula provides deep conditioning and helps repair 3 months of damage in 3 minutes, so your hair is stronger, softer, shinier. Seal your strands with a smoothing serum and you’re good to go.
Best for: Those who want it simple and safe, plus budget-friendly.
Done by:  You. Super low-maintenance!
Lasts: 1 day.For sleek glass hair, you've got plenty of hair treatment options depending on your hair type, lifestyle and budget. But you can never go wrong with choosing the healthiest option!