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Can stress make your hair fall out?

Fact or Fiction?

A common myth of hair loss is that it can be caused by stress. We naturally shed between 50 and 80 strands of hair a day, but stressful circumstances such as bereavement, divorce, job loss or surgery have been known to cause stress-induced hair loss.

"If you are experiencing what seems like excessive stress and hair loss, be sure to consult your doctor."

This is a myth of hair loss that can come true.

Verdict: Fact

Can stress make your hair fall out?

The people behind the science

Ever since its origin, the Pro-Vitamin formula has been constantly advanced with the help from Pantene’s global network of hair science experts.

  • Over 200 scientists working across 4 technical centers in 4 continents
  • Partnerships with 11 leading independent hair doctors from all over the world and 4 senior P&G scientists through the Pantene Hair Research Institute, established in 2012 to push the possibilities in hair health
  • Unprecedented, unconventional hair health research including Proteomics, Clinical Research and Emergenics

Healthy hair inside and out

Pro-Vitamin B5 was just the beginning. Pro-Vitamin formulas work inside and out for more beautiful hair rooted in true, lasting health. Enriched with proven, powerful new ingredients, they target and repair damage where needed most, making Pantene a top hair care brand today.  What started completely by chance over 70 years ago is now better than ever at making your hair stronger than ever. Because strong is beautiful.